How to keep your surroundings clean and disinfected?

It is very important, now more than ever, to maintain good hygiene practices. You might have been hearing and reading a lot about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the importance of frequently cleaning your hands with soap/sanitizer. But, what about the other stuff that you touch? What about the bathroom doorknob that you touch after you wash your hands?

What about other stuff in your home that you and your family members frequently touch after washing their hands?

Touching an unsanitary surface after cleaning your hands negates the purpose of cleaning the hands. So, apart from cleaning your hands, it is also important to clean and disinfect your home and surroundings.

Let’s take a look at how you can keep your surroundings clean and disinfected!

How to clean and disinfect your home?

Target the high-touch surfaces in your home which you or your family members keep touching regularly. These include:

  • Doorknobs: Doorknobs are one of the most touched surfaces, be it for the bathroom, room door, kitchen, etc. They can be disinfected with disinfecting wipes, disinfecting sprays, or disinfecting liquids according to your choice.
  • Toilet seat/handle: Toilets contain a lot of germs and we come in contact with them every time we use the toilets. So, it becomes very important to clean and disinfect them frequently. This can be done with special toilet cleaners that come in the form of spray or liquid.
  • Floor: Floor is the most high-touch surface in the house and so it becomes a priority of utmost importance to clean and disinfect them every day. There is special floor disinfecting cleaners available for this purpose.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen comes in direct contact with our food and so should be cleaned and disinfected daily through disinfecting liquid or spray.
  • Bathroom: There is no point in cleaning yourself only to come in contact with a dirty bathroom. Bathrooms can be disinfected through bathroom disinfecting liquids made for this purpose. 
  • TV remote control: We all watch TV to de-stress and watching TV means touching the remote throughout which makes it a high-touch surface. Because let’s face it, who just sticks on one channel right? So, cleaning the TV remotes and Amazon Fire Sticks with Alexa, etc. becomes important. These are best cleaned by surface disinfecting wipes.
  • Game Controllers: Games are a popular way to pass the time, especially now due to coronavirus. So, why not pass the time with a clean game controller by wiping them down with disinfecting wipes before playing to your heart’s content.
  • Home appliances: Home appliances like refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, home entertainment systems, speakers, and other kitchen and home appliances should also be disinfected regularly.
  • Cameras and accessories: You could also clean your camera’s screen and accessories to use them without any fear of contamination.

How to clean & disinfect your mobile phone & tablet?

Your phone & tablet surfaces are the most touched surfaces as you carry at least one of them with you at all times and keep touching them almost all the time. So, it becomes absolutely necessary to clean & disinfect your phone and for that, disinfecting wipes are the best. Make sure you pay special attention to the screen, the buttons and anywhere dust & debris tends to get stuck. Also make sure to remove your phone/tablet case and clean underneath it before putting it back on and then cleaning the outer part.

How to clean & disinfect your laptop/desktop computer?

Laptop displays are not always made of glass. So, you should avoid using a disinfecting wipe on the screen. The display should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol solution (70%) and a soft towel. Make sure you wipe down the keyboard, the trackpad, the exterior, and where your wrists rest on the laptop. The best way to clean a desktop computer is with a disinfecting wipe or isopropyl alcohol solution and a soft towel. But, use only isopropyl alcohol while cleaning the monitor.

How to clean & disinfect your laundry?

Keeping your clothes clean and disinfected might be the most important of them all as your clothes are in constant contact with your body. After you come home from outside, you should discard your clothes in the laundry basket/washing machine. You can disinfect your clothes by using laundry sanitizing/disinfecting liquid while washing your clothes.

How to disinfect any packages/parcels you receive?

We all like to shop online nowadays. But we do not know where our package/parcel has been and what has it been in contact with. So, it is safe to disinfect any parcel you receive by spraying it with a disinfectant spray before handling it. This step is especially important now with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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